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 Miss Junior Youth America ages 1-12       Miss Junior Teen Youth America ages 13 to 15       Miss Youth America ages 14 to 18

                                                                               A true role model in our eyes. Jaanu Patel.

Hall of Fame

MISS YOUTH AMERICA 2014 is Elleanna Bonaparte.of California. She is a graduate of Orange Lutheran in Orange County California.
MISS YOUTH AMERICA 2015 is Sydney Koerber of California. She competed at the 2015 Miss California Teen USA.
MISS YOUTH AMERICA 2016 is Elise Han from California. She placed 2nd Runner up for the Miss Orange County Teen USA 2016 title.
MISS YOUTH AMERICA 2017 is Alexis Rivas. Alexis is an honor student and a model from Orange County California.
MISS YOUTH AMERICA 2018 is Sabrina Cohen from California.

The 2019 Miss Youth America Pageant is on August 26, 2018 at the Hilton Irvine. The Miss Youth America Organization's major platform is KINDNESS BEGINS WITH ME ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN and Coco's Corner.  Our pageant was created in 2011 to promote the anti-bullying campaign speeches at different elementary schools and organizations. Our queens just recently spoke at a group of NCL members in Mission Viejo California on March 3, 2018. Speakers were Sarosh Syed, Miss Fullerton Teen Ambassador and Misha Patel, Miss Orange County Teen 2018.

Contact us:
Email: gisellepx@yahoo.com
Office: 714-619-1085

You are invited and encouraged to come out and join us:
1. Go above ad beyond your comfort zone
2. Overcome barriers
3. Cultivate new friendships through Miss Youth America sisterhood program

* Join our Miss Youth America after-school KINDNESS BEGINS WITH ME ANTI-BULLYING support group. Come and be surrounded by the ladies who understand you and love you,  Conversations will include how to gain self-confidence, encouragement, honest living, gaining friendship, how to connect with people your age, open discussion on how to avoid being bullied, starting out in  new place and celebrating sisterhood.
* New sisterhood Miss Youth America Experience
* Explore new pageant opportunities, Modeling, Acting, Performing, Preparing for a new college etc.
* Get a chance to speak at different elementary and high school to talk about KINDNESS BEGINS WITH ME ANTI BULLYING CAMPAIGN.

                                  2019 MISS YOUTH AMERICA NATIONAL PAGEANT
                                              KINDNESS BEGINS WITH ME ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN
                                                                              August 26, 2018, Hilton Irvine CA

Sign up today and compete in either of the two major competitions: GRAND SLAM or AGE GROUP COMPETITIONS:
What is the AGE GROUP COMPETITION? This is a competition suited for anyone who are new to pageantry or would like to perform a talent. The judging criteria for the AGE GROUP COMPETITION are Sportswear (Runway plus short talent segment, Fashion Casual Wear, Personal Introduction, Evening Gown and Interview.

What is the GRAND SLAM COMPETITION? The grand slam competition will be judged in three categories. Swimsuit, Evening Gown and Interview.
To win the National MISS YOUTH AMERICA title, you must compete in the Grand Slam Competition.
MISS PRINCESS YOUTH AMERICA - Ages 1-3 years old (Age Group and Grand Slam Titles available)
MISS JUNIOR LITTLE YOUTH AMERICA - Ages 4-6 years old (Age Group and Grand Slam Titles available)
MISS JUNIOR PRE-YOUTH AMERICA - Ages 7-9 years old (Age Group and Grand Slam Titles available)
MISS PRE-YOUTH AMERICA - Ages 10-12 years old (Age group and Grand Slam Titles available)
MISS JUNIOR YOUTH AMERICA - Ages 13-15 years old (Age Group and Grand Slam Titles available)

The MISS YOUTH AMERICA national grand slam title will be judged on: Interview, Sportswear, Evening Gown, Personal Introduction


How to get involved with KINDNESS BEGINS WITH ME ANTI-BULLYING CAMPAIGN. You can be a part of our great campaign by speaking at the different schools or any group of young children and teens about the importance of identifying the different types of bullying, how you can overcome the negative effects of bullying, offer friendships and support and help them build confidence. You can also create a KINDNESS Group as an after-school program where kids can have a support group, offering help to those who are being bullied. Create awareness and education. You can also become a member of the KINDNESS GROUP as a special part of the support group. We are currently accepting applications for KINDNESS DISTRICT LEADERS, KINDNESS ZONE LEADERS, KINDNESS GROUP MEMBERS..

How do I apply to be a contestant? Simpy send us an email to gisellepx@yahoo.com and include a photo and a little bit about yourself. You can also call our office at 714-619-1085. You can also fill out the online application below. Please make sure that you call our office to make sure that we receive your online application.

How do I know if my state title is taken? To find out if the state title is taken, simply CLICK HERE and you can find out the state available. If the state is not available, we can still provide you with another at-large title that you can use for the competition which can be a regional title, your city title or any title of your choice as long as it is approved.

                          Competition MAIN Event: Judges Interview, Sportswear, Evening Gown and Final on-stage Interview.
                                                                               Daytime Medal Challenge: (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
                        * Media Darling, * Anti-bullying Question, *Resort Wear Competition, *Photogenic, *Fitness Challenge
            Optional Competition: We have over 40 individual optional talent events to choose from for the optional competition.


The MISS YOUTH AMERICA is the official national authority in Youth Pageant in AMERICA with contestants from 51 States, open to young women ages 13 to 18 years old August 26, 2018, Hilton Irvine. Our prestigious national pageant promotes the Anti-bullying campaign called Kindness Begins With Me. We also focus on building self-confidence, strive for academic achievements, goal-setting, be involved in humanitarian causes, promote health and fitness, character building and the preservation of our natural resources. The winner of the prestigious MISS YOUTH AMERICA will represent our country at the (YWPA) MISS YOUTH INTERNATIONAL, a world youth competition. 

The MISS YOUTH AMERICA goal will have an estimate number of over 51 state members, 51 Executive Youth State Directors and Professionals, over 102 future sanction, 4 main judged events and 25 Optional Events. We are the leading authority in youth pageants across the nation for both Closed and Open Event. We stand by our motto, "LOVING, CONFIDENT AND AWARE."
We are now accepting applications from every States. You do not need to win a state title to compete. Send an email with your photo to gisellepx@yahoo.com. To apply, click the APPLY tab located on top of this page or scroll down and fill out the online form.

The MISS YOUTH AMERICA'S goal is to provide a nation-wide pageant institution, a standard basis for the youth pageant, a YOUTH NATIONAL PAGEANT OF AMERICA that represents the MISS YOUTH AMERICA PROFESSION and other youth entities and organizations around the world. This is a YOUTH NATIONAL PAGEANT AGENCY of AMERICA or YNPAA with cooperation of similar pageant disciplines in other countries. The MISS YOUTH AMERICA winner will represent America to the (YWPA) MISS YOUTH INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT a world competition.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for our queens and contestants to speak at different schools about the danger of bullying. We all know that bullying can have a negative lasting effects on people and it starts in the elementary level. It is our hope that the healing process will begin by establishing an after school program, one hour each day, for students to have an anti-bullying group meetings and talks, run by students themselves to help support and build  friendship, learn from each other's experiences, build awareness, trust and promote self-confidence. You can be our Kindness Begins With Me, Anti-bullying Spokesperson. You too can become a member by sending us an email to gisellepx@yahoo.com. You can be a part of this great campaign. Tell us your story!

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